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About the Author

Philippe Brown Author or Revist and the founder of Brown and Hudson

Author, speaker and inveterate traveller Philippe Brown is the man clients call the Ferran Adrià of travel.

Brown's first love was advertising. He honed his conceptual and strategic thinking at two bastions of research and creative excellence, Ogilvy & Mather in London and BDDP in Paris. These experiences were the whetstone at which he sharpened his talent for understanding client insights and needs.

When a love of advertising led to a life of travel, Brown wore the diverse hats of researcher, butler, polyglot interpreter, guide and expedition leader. He developed a skill set and outlook that is rare in luxury travel. The 23 years he spent travelling with clients informed his sense of choreography, spontaneity, artistry and phenomenal attention to detail. With these values, he founded the London-based bespoke travel company Brown + Hudson.

As the creative force behind Brown + Hudson, Brown believes that the most impactful travel experiences are those not bound by the conventional confines of packaged hotels, transport and activities. His vision involves more Socratic questioning, thinking, dreaming and brainstorming. His clients see him as a cross between a therapist and an investigative journalist. He proposes radical new ways to think about travel and the therapeutic and mind-expanding benefits it can bring.

Brown brings to the luxury travel industry precisely the disruptive force that it needs. With the forward thinking of expedition planners, the creativity of Disney and big thinking of Tesla, he produces incomparable travel experiences. In this book, he shares secrets and techniques he and his associates have used to create travel for royalty and a select community of ultra-high net worth clients.

Books about explorers and destinations abound. None, however, have been written specifically to teach both travel professionals and travellers how to get more from their most precious travel time.

REVISIT: The New Art of Luxury Travel is the first book to share valuable insights from the world's most demanding travellers and the world's most creative and considered travel company.

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1. Travel sparks human change

2. The problem of travel today

3. Who do you trust?

4. The new art of travel

5. Create your own experience

6. Travel as therapy

7. Learn from the 1%

8. Trends for the 21st Century

9. Maven voyage - Thought leaders on the future of travel

10. Conclusion - Innovation of the fittest

REVISIT: The New Art of Luxury Travel will teach you:

Revist book

1. Insights to help you think differently about travel.

2. The process the world's most creative travel company uses to create travel for the ultra-rich.

3. 101 creative, original and unconventional ideas to inspire you.

4. The one thing you can do to keep you focused when planning every trip.

5. How not knowing where you're going can help you get there.

6. Six valuable insights from the most insightful people in luxury travel.

7. What the one thing is that you should leave at home—whenever you travel.

8. Ten travel ideas inspired by the evolution of travel throughout the ages.

9. The science behind creativity and its correlation to revenue generation.

10. The secrets to creating exponentially and experientially better travel experiences.

Thinking Differently

How we think of travel hasn’t changed a great deal since the dawn of time, the Grand Tours of the 17th Century, or even 1841 when Thomas Cook organised his first group tour.

In simple terms, we go somewhere, see some things and come home.  

If we are sophisticated travellers, we may go somewhere have an experience, undergo a significant spiritual and sometimes durable transformation, then come home.

But if we are prepared to think of travel as a malleable, fluid concept, its possibilities are as broad as time travel itself.

If travel can be seen as a form of therapy, we can use it to resolve all manner of problems.

Travel As Therapy

Travel As Therapy

You travel for a wide variety of reasons which ultimately boil down to one thing: something isn’t available where you are.

It could be as simple as sunshine, the exotic, adventure or curiosity. Perhaps it’s something more intangible like a sense of ‘otherness’ or anonymity, or even just a break in daily routine. In the past, people tended to focus on the hardware of travel: the hotels, the sites, or the guidebook’s checklist of things to do and must-have experiences. There was little reflection on how people wanted to feel after their travels and how their destination, or what they did there, might contribute to that feeling.

By going beyond the obvious and investing time thinking about the challenges and outcomes of travel, travel can offer a valuable form of therapy. Whether you seek an escape from stress, a reconnection with nature, calm or more vibrancy, it is only by understanding you, your motivations and objectives that anyone can talk intelligently about places and how they could make you feel.

Imagine this: travel in crowded Japan might help you think differently about tranquillity; a Texan oil field might help you think differently about culture; or Mumbai might help you think differently about intimacy.

The act of travel is ages old. The challenge is to think differently about it so that you derive more benefit from your time away from home.

Thought in travel? Now there’s a thought.

Travel to bring a family together


Imagine you're a family and your adolescent kids would rather not go on family holidays anymore. They want to stay home and play their computer games or hang with their friends. Well, travel can help with that. Consider looking at what is so captivating, engaging and addictive about the computer game, involve the right games designer, then turn the whole trip into something even more compelling than a computer game. Here the travel, the people you meet, the things you do and every aspect of the trip is an incredible game. So often it's not where you travel but how you travel.



Imagine you're reaching that special age. You've bought another sports car and now want to challenge yourself with a hardcore expedition, following in the footsteps of explorers to the world's remotest or harshest corners. But perhaps you don't have the time to plan an expedition or possibly the desire to put up with the required hardship. A different approach to expeditionary travel can help. Consider a luxurious expedition—a 'Luxpedition'. This idea uses creativity, big thinking, logistics and moments of surprising and personal luxury to make even the most arduous of challenges possible for people who don't have time or DNA to be Bear Grylls. If it's on the planet or in near space, everything is possible if you think about it long enough.



Tired of booking hotel rooms and flights? For a stimulating change of scenery, try researching a trip for a Russian oligarch interested in tracing the life cycle of oil. Discovering places through your esoteric interest is another original approach to travel. Whether your passion is textiles, birding, Muay-Thai or even Chilean rodeo, research the subject, find the people who can bring it to life then discover the place through the prism of your specific interest. This is an interesting non-obvious or peripheral approach to experiencing a place or culture.

A Journey with no destination


Sometimes we travel not to see places but rather to change how we feel or to work on a specific issue like confidence, our own identity or something else. In this case, if the travel is all about the feeling and not the place, the destination might be almost irrelevant. So why not have someone plan the entire trip around the issue you want to focus on and keep the destination a surprise? The biggest surprise will be where your mind wanders in the lead up to departure as you think about your issue rather than your destination. And then, in-country, you will be utterly surprised by how many aspects of that destination's traditions, history or culture can help you see your issues differently. Sometimes not knowing where you are going is the best way to get there.

One Thing


The motivations for travel are numerous. But could you take just one thing and make that the starting point for your research, your idea, your story, exploration or travel? How about a family heirloom? A piece of music that you heard the night you first fell in love? Maybe your one thing is a strange artefact you found at a flea market. Or perhaps a question you've always wanted to answer. Or just oranges, inspired by John McFee's celebrated book on the subject. What is that one thing that could start you on an intellectual, spiritual or physical journey to places you never imagined heading to? Relinquish the traditional ways of thinking, forget your bucket list of destinations and dive into that one thing and see where it takes you.

Stay at home


What if, for whatever reason, you couldn't physically travel? Could someone bring a destination to you? Could a travel advisor, event planner, or master choreographer devise creative ways to bring the magic of India to Toronto, Brazil to New York or wherever to wherever? By understanding people, and with huge destination experience, this is entirely possible. You need three things. First, an understanding of the science of travel. Then, an appreciation of the subtle art of travelling, and lastly, the right kind of investment. With these key ingredients, someone can replicate the experience of travelling in one country in another. This means that even people who think they can't travel can.

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Past Speaking and Training Engagements: 

March 2019 - ABTA Luxury Summit "Selling Luxury - The Role of the Trusted Advisor in 2019"

October 2018 - Cavendish Medical - "Trends & Insights for Exponentially Transformational Travel in 2019"

October 2018 - VTW Brussels - "The Future of Experiential Travel in a world of Artificial Intelligence"

August 2018 - Virtuoso Travel Week - "Why psychology will be the next trend in experiential travel." Spoke alongside Simon Sinek, Corey Perlman and Neen James at the U.S luxury travel industry's leading annual event.

March 2018 - ABTA's Luxury Travel Conference - "Understanding your client's unique needs to create tailored experiences."

September 2017 - Daily Telegraph Travel - Differentiator Series "In a bespoke world, how do you define luxury for the high-end traveller?"

May 2017 - Luxpo Ultratravel Forum - April Hutchinson, editor of ttgluxury, brings together a panel of innovators, entrepreneurs and trendsetters in luxury travel.

October 2016 - Future Laboratory Luxury Forum - "A Journey With No Destination and the changing expectations of luxury travellers."

November 2014 - World Travel Market - TTG Luxury Event "Evolution of selling luxury"

December 2012 - In Conversation with Ben Fogle at the Royal Institution - "The Sky's the limit."

November 2012 - Cohort & Sleep  Seminar - "Luxury hotels - past, present & redefining the future"

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